Delivery Schedule

Looking for reliable and competitively priced heating oil delivery in the Pioneer Valley? You’ve come to the right place! Surner Discount Oil is here to fulfill all your heating fuel delivery needs. We deliver to towns surrounding Amherst, including Bernardston, Ware, Westhampton, and everywhere in between. Log into your Surner Discount Oil account to place an order!


When You Can Expect Delivery

In order to help you save by providing the lowest heating oil prices possible, we optimize our delivery routes to make the best use of our drivers’ availability. For this reason, you can expect your fuel delivery within 5–7 business days of when you place your order. We encourage you to check your heating oil tank gauge frequently so you can order a refill in plenty of time. This forward planning allows us to keep prices low for your family.

How to Read Your Tank Gauge:

  1. Visit your heating oil storage tank and locate the small circular gauge on the top or side.
  2. Check the gauge and see where the bottom of the bobber is located: Full, ¾, ½, ¼, or Empty.
  3. Place an order when your tank gauge shows ¼.

Need Delivery Faster?

If your heating oil storage tank gauge shows lower than ¼ capacity, you’re getting dangerously low on fuel. Instead of using our website for ordering, please call our legacy company, Surner Heating, for an emergency delivery of fuel.